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washed and disinfected, preferably by direct sunlight,

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she died two days afterwards, or ten days after her child. The dis-

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recent British works of deservedly high repute. In the Cyclopaedia of

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the spleen in the abdomen, the suprarenal glands cap-

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W'ith the blood. Marechai, Legallois, Rochoux, and others think that it may

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three applications, and often indeed in one alone, and according to the habitual

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for chronic organic disease in 41. The former ended fatally in 6 cases,

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beyond the gums. Thumbs drawn in to the palms^ and the fingers

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Remarks. — The stillborn children and premature births amounted to 720.

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and in other cases which died, no traces of any disease of the brain or spinal

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localities in Ireland are clearly traceable, establishing most

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idea that, by forcing it down, he should recover strength more rapidly. Said

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actually increased during the past ten years, whereas

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by various neurologists with considerable success in

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In one class of cases the diseases were produced by causes independent of

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kind originate ab intemS, as in an epidemic constitution, mental

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very did not make progress. After twenty-four hours the author found the

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61°, 45°,— of the year 48°.9. The thermometer did not fall lower than 11°.

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disparity between the two pupils was noted (a much more important

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trating them by cases in language of great fluency and of much

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for drug habits as well as for alcoholism, but our personal

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them to surgery as the province to which they properly belong, he confines his

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will tell upon the occupants much more quickly than will

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formations in, but not of^ the uterine tissue, and originate in a

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termed "bronchial trouble" by the average patient, it

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touched. The pustules, on the half of the face to which the mercurial ointment

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21th. Moribund, pulse almost imperceptible, and countenance sunk — died

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unprecedented mortality ought to render 1836 an isolated year, apart from all

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males and six in females. Of the whole number of forty-five cases examined

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older children digest it and crave it, and should have it

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along with headache, existed ; and in No. 64, where '' black spots ''

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