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which might be suggested iu explanation of this case. The most

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case be one of circumscribed sup{)uration of the wound, preventing

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pect that the " rubbing in," by producing irritation, impairs the ab-

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be excited during the process of expulsion — and would doubtless have

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significant labels and by lock and key, and those who do not observe

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the special indications for the application of disinfectants to the va-

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element the anatomical element is also changed. If we are unable

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Section 7, Article XI, of the Constitution, and to Chapter 94 of

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is an entire delusion, that the remedies so given have really no effect,

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of the disease during five distinct epidemics, within the last thirty-

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stories ; and then they crowded together, and saving wood by using

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The venous auricles of the heart were on adjoining sides, and the

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Krukenberg's case the smooth translucent sac was of the shape of

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quote from a recent sketch of an eminent member of Congress. "It

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in warm weather or in the evening, as it boils at 70°, and is inflam-

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him what had happened to me. "You see," he said, " it is as I told


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because her sister was very nervous ; this was a week ago ; she asked

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times a day ; if no effect is produced upon the disease in the course

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of four children. The parents pre healthy. One brother died from

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ness into which the patient usually falls, even upon the first day of

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lumps in their throats and shifting pains in every part of the body.

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On Wednesday, when the epidemic was at its height, the first of

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began on the 1st inst. under the direction of the City Physician. The

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" The third form of this disease showed itself with less question-

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British Med. Journal, January 6th, gives the following: Ordinary

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to the world, and it never guesses all is not right at home. This is

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drug was not swallowed. Nevertheless, in a minute and a half after-

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of the births over 9,000 ! But this is not all ; only about half those born that

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experiments that are of interest to offer, and consequently this por-

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keep the cholera fright down amongst the people as much as possible.

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but not lower. No haemorrhage from spinal wound. Has been able

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