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nor with a particularly anxious or distressed expression. A portion

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The Maich number, however, was printed and ready for issue when

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flour with the naked eye. Six leading phj'sicians report over two hundred cases

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fractured or dislocated ribs, wound of the costal and pulmonary

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In 1746, 1750, '57, and 'bti, France experienced the ravages of an

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CoMMCNiCATioNS RECEIVED. — Aniputation of the Cervix Uteri. — Impotency from Devia-

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But il it be a congenital hydrocele, it runs up into the inguinal canal.

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mimeographing association o1 P.C.O. Tribute is given by Sam to

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of new buildings, and will improve the plan by it's pres-

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2d, to sustain the calorific function ; 3d, to maintain the action of the

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lan speaks of psoriasis affecting the palms and the soles.

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intestinal canal of their host, and being eaten by swine the ova they

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not being corrosive, is preferable. Or the articles in question may

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to disinfect it. In other cases it is necessary to alleviate cramps

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to Sept. 2d, when a second application of a single cylinder was

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Dr. S. H. Tewksbury, of Portland ; \st Vice Prtddent, Dr. A. P.

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health Avas wonderfully improved;, and his complexion had assumed

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Both views have, however, been held, the last,^as is well known, hav-

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efforts of art. Under these circumstances, medical interference

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severe at night, preventing quiet sleep. The palpitation, which after

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physician, they see, being entitled to call himself M.D., not knowing

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toms were speedily relieved, the child nursed well, and the wound

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finally get well. There was no sudden change ; no day could be

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Raymond L.Ruberg.D.O., M.Sc. (Sur) Assistant Professor, Surgery-Neur

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and expels the necessary amount of bile into the intestines to play

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— Memphis Medical and Surgical Monthly, Nos. 1-5. — Atlanta Medical Journal, New Series,

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the exposure of its base to view in the pharynx, or in which it could

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The number of deaths for 1864 was 28,723 against 23,596 as the

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1856, erected an inhalatorium at Pierre-fonds, conceived the idea of

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vertebral column in the upper dorsal region — a region more favora-

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The discussion of such difficulties, or the just solution of them, com-

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(in ignorance of its composition), and the introduction of some de-

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tween 40 and 00 years, 1-5 — above 60 years, 12. Boru in the United States, 55 — Ireland, 21—

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his neck. He entered the Hospital at 10|, A.M. Pulse 60 and full.

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