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persistent until his death, which took place on the fourth day of the

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The complementary opposition sign of Grasset and Gaussel

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from disease and pain — are ignorantly sacrificing health and life — and are cut off in

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deed; she was bent over upon one side to a frightful degree; she could not stand

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in this degraded condition are often horn with an inordinate appetite for the in-

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pleurisy, and often a double pleurisy. Cerebral rheumatism is less

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moodiness ami melancholy, wo should undermino thereby tho health, and bespeak

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as useful and interesting as any portion of the work.

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with headache and wandering pains, and the excessive discharge, with debility.

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would be awakened out of a sound sleep. He had never been so

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stimuH which may or may not have led to a definite mental

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To have six hundred cubic inches of air in the lungs at a time is a matter of not

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— In this paper Mr. Callender relates some cases in which the

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due to loss of water, though no edema had been visible. The

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proving the sanitary condition of those places where cretinism

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(op. cit.) to instances of involuntary movements of the whole or of

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it. But in India the case must be very different. There the

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in the urine or elsewhere^ pointing out that they assame the

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led to suggest a trial of this plan in cases of ovarian cysts.

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IcHTHYisMUS (ik-thc-iz'mus). A disease caused by eating stale or

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attacks since, the last one occurring about one year ago. He is

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tuberculous meningitis that optic neuritis generally exists. Not

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This patient is a brother of Case IV. On account of the

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soope, covercMl with elastic membrane and connected by two

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the retreating of some kinds of eruptive disease, as small-pox or scarletina, diabetis,

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of the spinal cord need not be looked upon as other than a result

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the town (included in the first zone), which lies fully open to

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the nerve head, and the media, retina, and retinal vessels showed

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Neutral Ground. There was then no sickness either in Gibraltar

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formerly in dread of a severe and dangerous cutting operation,

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tise and teach it. 1 would recommend that they learn its principles; and this, with

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appreciate the blessing of a good i uately who have been deprived of

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population ; and it may easily happen that a patient is so far

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partly on the ground that the nitrogen was not determined in

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cles of food. "While some force themselves and their families to eat them, and sell.

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by parents and teachers to assume an upright position as their general mode of

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the least, they will have no child to brutalize or murder ; but if the wedded demon

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