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wards the left, or quite down into the right iliac fossa. We have
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of the refractive power of the eye, I will briefly state the conditions
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needed. The patient is at once relieved, not only of the fearfid dan-
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whose memories are cherished by the members of this Society. The
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scientific and thorough physicians should have a controlling voice.
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Universit}'. No country in the world oflers anything like thecxtensivo
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however, in this connection to be regretted that most of the physical
ary the epidemic commenced, wliich so much resembled cerebro-
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odor. Towards the fourth or seventh day spots appeared, which did
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strength much depressed. At the end of two weeks the powers of
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Within the lower half of the stomach was a very large, offensive,
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tary to our profession, and unproved in the case referred to, and I
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vis of left side, measuring from two to two and a half inches in diame-
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Occasionally a slight bloody discharge. General health fair. An
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in bruises of other parts. Thus in Blandin's case, which terminated
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across the Atlantic, whicli cost more than its \^-eight in gold.
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in the steamships England and Virginia, as thorough investigation has
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the poison. The emetic operated partially just before entrance. It
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[Communicated for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.]
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may add, that in every case in which I have seen death occur shortly
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culation now. We lost no subscribers by closing our pages t«) a con-
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blood. It was found impossible, both by myself and others, to pass'
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Guingamp to Dr. Charles Pcllarin, of the date of the 25th of February,
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the right ala of the nose cut away, and the contents of the socket
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allows the patient to count fingers held close to her. Although the
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case were: — 1st, the tendency of the patient to nervous derange-
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and not a vaccine vesicle. The operation was performed more with
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broken into a line spray ; aTid yet another contrivance, in which a fine stream of liquid

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