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roads and the rapidity of communications. Some departments of the

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anasarcous patients if we reduce, with a promptitude little hoped for

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1860, it reports the whole births as 36,051 — American, 16,672 ; for-

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that the profession sliould be made acquainted with the fact of the

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bottom of the cavity was a large slough. The intestine immediately

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t M. Vicussiiix on Ceiel>ro-spinaI Meningitis at Geneva, in the Jour, do Med., Chir., Ph.ar.,

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setts, commented upon in the interesting article of your last number.

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that trichina undergoes only a partial development within their intes-

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Let me now say a few words with regard to the means of conveyance

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sures. Nothing less than the immediate removal of the injured

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We come next to the effects of the before-mentioned salts on ani-

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Governor's Island in New York harbor. There are not more than a

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equanimity, regularity of life and habits, cleanliness, salubrious

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ed by Dr. R. Greeiihalgh, in which complete anajsthesia was produced

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X Die erste Ausrottung eines Polypcn. u. s. w. Tubingen. 1862.

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seemed slightly injected, but there was no trace of lymph.

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removing that compound from the aqueous solution it is easy to ob-

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on lobes, red at tip ; some white sordes on teeth ; skin hot and dry ;

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with spreading edges on a brown skin. The disease may affect any

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contact with diseased surfaces, was as old as the healing art itself;

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this point, which seem to confirm Dr. T.'s views, although the differ-

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convalescence from a month's sickness of what appeared at the time

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to a difl&cult problem. I could only recognize the fact that gi-ave

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ed hyperopia, or liyperinetropia, is by far the most frequent cause of

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to elapse without any positive symptom otlier than restlessness.

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inspection of 19,74V hogs was made in the years 1864-5, only two

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The Minister of Public Instruction has announced his intention of

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lations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of War, its present

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of his decease, on motion Dr. J. L. Chandler was called to the chair,

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done in dermatology since Neligan published his first edition, this vol-

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The patient was a female, aged thirteen, brought to me by her

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