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there w^as a distinct creeping or crawling sensation in the small of

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This patient eventually walked without lameness, and recovered a

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appearance, but looked a good, healthy gray. Through its upper

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issuing handbills and circulars, recommending and extolling a remedy

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Italian anatomist was so fortunate as to secure in Anderloni an

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ing, and the active movements of the foetus be energetic. The partial

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blanched cheeks and early graves continually testify — and the more

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tive property which is inherent to it, but on which we did not stay

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more severe than those recorded, with great effusion of lymph, the

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No other changes of interest were noticed. Head not examined.

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consumption, 17 — convulsions, 2 — croup, 3 — diphtheria, 1 — dropsy of the brain, 4 — epilepsy, 1

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as offensive as it is possible to conceive of Of those where beef cat-


this the signal for reduction, not as I have done, for the entire omis-

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mercury and bloodletting are indispensable. In this variety of

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of three or four days, the dose should be gradually increased until

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stom.ach and nausea, and a year before had passed through an attack

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the last part of July three cases occurred at the Stanton General

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a modified pneumonia; " in the winter of 1847-48 at Washington,

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was his opinion that this hieniorrhage depended upon a pol}'pus of

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upon a filter with sulphate of soda. This salt renders the corpuscles

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" He seeks at all times to support the back by placing his arms on

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prayer closing the services of the day of the " Primitive Baptist

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the throat, but there was very little expectoration. A hurried examina-

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set in between the shoulders, shooting around the left side of the

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the thigh (Ibid., Sept. 19th, 1861, p. 129) used and described by an-

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But is it true, as Bonders affirms, that the great majority of the

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comprise the pathology and treatment of fractures and dislocations,

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rule was to put tlie mattrass on the floor, and to lay the patient there,

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outside the epigastric artery, although it emerges from the abdomen

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iQ'W] for which reason the great orator would have been understood

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kidney disabilities. Venesection, when used also as a wholesale

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it. Table III. gives a comparative view of the ages of those who

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tricle was thickened, and of a velvety, almost flocculent look, espe-

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ing, it's worth beating your brains out." Yet he has

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of the germs of this disease have felt that it was a fair explanation of

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