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done, a more careful exploration of the pelvic cavity revealed
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Dr. Gray has had most favorable and extensive opportunities for studying the
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into a pure, cool atmosphere. Where it is practicable, they should
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with great success. So much for my own colony, Victoria. As
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one Sunday morning, he went out to get a newspaper. Return-
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Contributions of original articles, correspondence, personal items, etc., should be sent to the publishers,
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Dr. George N. Burwell was the eldest. In 1845 Dr. Burwell married
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applying Hydrastis is in the form of the fluid extract, which may
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patients. The prognosis, so favourable at the beginnings
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logical, Blackwell's Island, Fordham, and Lincoln Hospitals, occu-
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cial attention to the Gastro-intestinal branch. Dr. Barber has held
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undertake surgical work, as when, in the dispensary of the
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ease will prove of great value to those " looking up " the subjects
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Femur. — Lesions of the femur vary according to the
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the body the pure tincture should be employed. Acci-
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(703 yards) ; the Austrian, 626 metres (684 yards) ; the
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Transactions of the American Institute of Homceopathy. Session of 1885.
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ment i " " Tubercular Peritonitis ; " " Report of Cases of
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Bulkley is a staunch Republican; in church matters, he has joined
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the surgeon can undertake these operations without being
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megalocytes (2, c). The microcytes are probably poorly nourished, under-
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little book has to convey ; and to learn that lesson, and follow
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Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, November 18, 1863, the son of Moses
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located in the manufacturing city of South Bend, Ind.,
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in medicine at the Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New
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12, 1865, the son of Martin J. and Bridget Golden Walsh. He
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scarcely planted before the ripened fruit hangs ready to the
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' 1 Certain Aspects of Bone and Joint Disease of Interest to the General Prac-
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while the presence of albumen and casts created a presumption in
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best the patient had had for a number of weeks ; she having
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Possible infection of the sheaths would necessitate dorsal
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as recently as 1862 ovariotomists were denounced from profes-
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being connected with the Philadelphia Lying-in Charity
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sciousness, has been discussed by Dr. Carpenter of England,
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lovely and faithful wife. As the result of this heivy afflic-
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essentially different from every other drug. So these drugs are
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by the commissioners of charities and correction, commemorating his
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Simmons, who were natives of that place. His early studies were
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