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of water — and the latter by simple infusion in boiling water. Two

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and, if possible, where he could see somewhat of what was going on

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raised after the larynx has become accustomed to the presence of a

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at 6, P.M.. thirteen hours from the first attack of the disease.

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14th. — The injection proved a failure, for the pain in the stump

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refusing to produce such evidence, the case was decided against him,

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was considerable. Pulse 112. Tongue brown and dry. Urino

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failed. A small rupture, with a narrow neck and small rings, is

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cation, in pains of neuralgic character, deserves to be better known

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General appearance thin and ana?mic. Pulse 60, good. Sounds

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periments in the transmutation of variola into vaccinia, from the

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on the tenth. The case above described occurred on the eleventh.

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[Read before the Norfolk (Jlas3 ) District Medical Society, May 9th, 1866, by Joseph Stedmas, M.D., of

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recur to the habitudes of the patient in regulating the diet, measui--

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condition, seemed to he greatly alarmed and advised her to call a phy-

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The epidemic began to decline from the day they were fully carried

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derstand it " ? The preponderance of deaths over recoveries would

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appeared restless and uneasy, and fell over on her side suddenly, be-

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guage deserves the harsh interpretation put upon it in the last sen-

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long duration, and ultimately by repeated attacks of cerebral con-

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point of a probe, but by dilating this orifice forcibly with "sinus

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the infected and the healthy is insufficient to produce the disease in the

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striking facts connected with the present epidemic in Europe, which

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portant. Thus, in the case of young children, he says : —

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the present state of knowledge, and the expensive outfit of appa-

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Aljout two jjints of serum were found in tlie abdominal cavity ; and

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for the time deprived of its usual resources. The many new occupa-

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III. Syrup, phos. ferri, § ss.; phos. ferri, gr. x. ; aquae, § ss.

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treatise on the Dyspepsias) that purgatives of every kind do not

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polar manner upon the right and left side, says, that " in the radial

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