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jfirst summer months were unusually cool." In the preface he says,

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* American Journal of Medical Sciences, April, 1863. f P>id, July, I86i»

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swered that the dose had produced on him no more effect than if he

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were generally used, intelligent and conscientious dentists made their

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of Austria, which must seriously obstruct the carrjnng out of the be-

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Page 219. In a note, the author says : — " The existence of a sus-

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reason to hope that it was a suppurative disease with accumulation

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The Nominating Commillee. — On the resumption of business, the

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reported during the previous forty-eight hours. In Cincinnati, the

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attendants to turn him, which requires gi-eat care, on account of the

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the use of the morphia, which would seem to showrfehatthe.aiiitago-

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■whose use they were specially intended. As employed in doing the

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ed power of the tissues is sufficient to explain a sudden formation or

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classes existed for years before the war, and there is abundant evi-

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time of the operation ; and of these, in fourteen it remained

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we must first a])pr('ciate the essential distinction between the tAvo

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teaching at P.C.O. in the future. He leaves a comment, "Don't

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" Tlic same observation was made at St. Mandricr, where, although

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experiments with so innocuous and desirable a substitute for red vul-

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