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'Motivational Stimulation' was tenaciously applied by the
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Heart hypertrophied. Left ventricle moderately' dilated ; the right
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ence to the connection of strabismus and hypermetropia. Prof. Don-
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that there can be any mistakes or omissions here which could materially affect the
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before the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania at its next meeting, to be
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disease, being acquainted only with the manifestations pervious to
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affection. Before proceeding to the application of any remedy, it is
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June 25th. — Death from Su^ocation in the Vault of a Privy. —Dr.
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is immediately poured out from the irritated parts, and vesicles form
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inserted his fingers and cleared out the wound without creating the
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the sutlers, the women who frequently visit the soldiers of the regi-
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out glasses for a while they will never be obliged to wear them — and
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ophthalmitis, or else the results of the secondary iritis devclope them-
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and rapid means of saving life, and a review of his book will be
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cretion was seen on the anterior part of the growth, where it seemed
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The work of individual experimenters can no longer be taken as
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All faithful use of the stomach and due preparation of food yields
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comprise the pathology and treatment of fractures and dislocations,
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cod-liver oil — not only receive the sanction of the charlatan and
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11 o'clock, when they had ceased. Slie appeared quite comfortable,
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he would now proceed at once to the surgical subject which was to
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is very uncommon to have an empyema in this situation it is much
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lation to the amount of muscular work performed. This theory, viz.,
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476 Amblyopia cavsed hj AncEsfliesia of the Retina.
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of cold, wc must not forect that warmth is not to be sought in cloth-

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