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tonics in such a case. They are probably the worst abused of all
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brain, 2— disease of the brain, ;j — inflammation of the brain, 1 — bronchitis, 6 — cancer, 1 —
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I was uncertain then exactly how great a degree of cold could be
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A CASE has recent)}' been tried in London, which presents many points
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tensely anxious. Physical examination revealed some interesting
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the tendency which exists in the profession to be unduly influenced,
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morning, about two hours before breakfast. At first, the morning
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the College. They already and largely occupy the thouglits of some
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" Dr. Harris suspected that the cases which had recently occurred
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the loss of energy is greatest. If this be the brain, the consequence
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rural occupations, ascend again to their village upon the approach of
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ties, to be allowed. P.M. — Flap looking decidedly unhealthy.
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58 Tlie Treatment of Virulent and Zymotic Diseases.
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3 — bronchitis, 3 — bm-ns, 1 — cancer, 1 — consumption, 20 — convulsions, 4 — coxalgia, 1 — de-
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over thirty times as many white ones in the blood which left the
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3Iedicale sa3's that there has been no resignation, properly so-called, of
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discovery so complete in its details as to make its announcement to
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pushes, (such tubes as Debove has recently caused to be made) ; as
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Treatment of the Toes,* re-printed the present year in this country,
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neighborhood of the largest spot. Above and between the lateral
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Small appetite ; much lassitude ; bowels torpid. Patient did not im-
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Eleanor V. Masterson, A.B., D.O., Clinical Assistant, Osteo-
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glandular mass lying behind and beneath tlie sterno-mastoid muscle.
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with any yet devised ; while as a therapeutic, its value, in a certain
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followinfr, cut from the cohimns of a d;iilv paper of this citv : —
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WuKRKA.s it has pleased Almighty God to remove by death Dr.
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women's cooking rooms were converted into hospital wards, and the
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a strong inspiratory power, when the shoulders are fixed. And as a

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