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Dr. Estcs Nichols, Augusta, Me.; Dr. M. J. Hosenau, Washington: Dr.
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it is true, but they are more or less decided according to the grade and
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of urethras that have been imperfectly operated on by otlier
tions, we shall not fail to find evidence of this form of hypenemia,
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without spines; acetabulum near and much larger than oral sucker; pharynx
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separated for use as the precipitinogen contained numerous parasites.
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eat vegetables, fruit, rice, etc. 2. The consumption should be increased ;
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However, if we collate the reports scattered through our literature and
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From a total of 5G patients admitted from shore stations, station ships,
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ways a secondary affection, depending either upon some derangement
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whether in all the tubes the epithelium has the same trans-
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water supply better in quality and quantity than the present one will
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must not be confounded with that which is found in healthy persons,
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for a time, accompanied by the feeling of a warm fluid rising in the
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ries cellular elements out of them, just as the lymph flowing through
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in the several months with the deaths, or if you will take the
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the affection begins without these preliminary symptoms. The rest-
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other mucous membranes and bleedings into the structure of the skin
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seat of infiltration, which fully explains why the cardiac wall loses
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apparently entirely recovered, a remnant of the exudation can still be
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ed. The weaker the action of the 'heart becomes in the course of an
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* Habtmann, W. M. A case of actinomycosis hominis. Trans. Chicago, Path.
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tion of the gall-ducts and jaundice ; in all other cases it modifies the
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surrounded by disintegrated connective tissue, or the entire spleen,
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cation places the organism under discussion among the Fungi imperfecta and in
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spirochete on November 8, was again inoculated on November 15 in the same
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letting a new injury act unnecessarily on the already diseased mucous
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above, the safest and most efficacious of all modern therapeutic methods
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