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all sailing vessels bound on ocean voyages or engaged in the fisheries, specifies

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Rs. 500 on joining the College. There is also a registration fee of

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nfa^S^JfJ 3f S^^'"^ "Of been shwn to be a pathogenic, they are

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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis is easy if there be frequent recurrences' or if

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of £500 is awarded annually at the end of the winter session after

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6C. Clinical Course at the Central Free Dispensary. — Topic: Diseases of the heart

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Each olerk or dresBor intending to compete for these prizes must submit to hi»

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one of 20 guineas at the beginning of the second session.

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teria, and therefore more frequently in women and girls than in men, but it

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of the Testamen Physicwn, which examination must be passed at least two-

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new growth like a tumor (gumma, syphiloma), and (2) a disease of the

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the symptoms of iodism often disappear rapidly after the exhibition of about

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beverages. There can be no doubt that intemperance in this regard plays a

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creased liveliness of the ideational life, the frequent and rapid transition

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anaemias. In advanced cases of leukaemia we occasionally even observe very

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iEtiology. — General paralysis is a common disease, and apparently de-

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belly is very prominent, the anterior portion of the pelvis is sunk, and the

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of centripetal stimuli, either retarding or accelerating, just the same as

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!l£l6nients de Chirurgie Operatoire," Holmes' "System of Surgery,"

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that is, an imperfect function of the left internus; but if there are homony-

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in some cases cerebral tumors, gummatous processes, and especially certain

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tenable for three years. Candidates must subsequently prosecute their

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Re«d .til of sections B and C in the Studer^t T^xt, pages 7-2 ' through

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The percentage of solid constituents in the urine is, of course, trifling.

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disease — to a certain extent a newer, more scientific formulation of the old

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room, dining-hall, and court. Each hall accommodates from forty to sixty students.

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diminish or wholly disappear. On the other hand, there are also cases of

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(5) Prelsure Is applied gradual^ to about ZS ptH^nds per squ^e inch. ' '

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to that of severe septic infection. In fact, it is not impossible that continued

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occurs in diabetes. In severe cases of diabetes, however, which have been

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It ia a yerbal one, and is held in one sitting, as every examiner, as a mle,

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Elias Selinger, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology.

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