Pool Fight Between John Cena And Brock Lesnar fight

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Incubation Period.— The conclusions under this head are

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last week, under the presidency of Professor Konig, of Got-

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The thyroid plates were thinned from pressure, and the

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dence, and washing; also Junior Resident Medical Officer, board,

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during what has been well described as a reign of terror in Trinidad and

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identification. The certificates of deaths would be better to

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relation to nature of attack, and treating of the 89 vaccinated

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and ranged from 126 in Bristol, 127 in West Ham, and 130 in Brighton to

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Bbaithwaite Ketrospect. Vols. 1, 2, :i, 8.% and all since.

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to the strengthening and development of the prosperous

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some extent at least, by all ophthalmic surgeons. We can

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much to believe that the priests and learned men of Egypt

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was similar to that from which the specimen, No. 4,694 in

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proposed new legislation, and wound up by strongly recom-

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Peculiar Attacks. — December 19th. Last night at 8 p.m.

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mingham ; Mr. A. F. Peskett, Leyton ; Mr. H. C. Paltin, Norwich ; Mr.

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ties, seaboard and inland alike, will endeavour to place the

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and following on this had thrombosis of the veins of theright lower limb.

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already visited prior to March 1st by the visitors and inspector

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more especially Ciliated Epithelium, and some Points in its

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Dr Janet of Harley Street. By .Arabella Kenealy. London : Dighy, Long,

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State for India, on matters concerning the Indian Medical

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tion of the following cases will afford evidence in support of

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collected from many sources all available information on a

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medical officers has been advanced a degree. Many persons overlook

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village wells in Brittany are described as being often close to dungheaps,

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peripheral ulceration of the cornea. The membrane reformed

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the 1st Volunteer Battalion Duke of Wellington West Riding Regiment

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crippled persons. It was referred to this Committee, which

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from wood blocks is to be highly commended, as ensuring

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Briefly, this may be summed up as follows : When endo-

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peated injections of Koch's remedy, by Mr. T. Mark Hovell;

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the Coroners Act, 1SS7, the majority of them had the power to lequire the

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and Glasgow. The 349 deaths registered in Glasgow included .38 from

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classification in place of their geographical position. Again,

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Bu'.ement, W. , Otago and London. Hull, H. W., London.

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years he was honorary physician to the Melbourne HosiJital,

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