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amply repay the investigator. — /'ac/c Med. a»d Surg.
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was paralyzed.^ Dr. E. C. Seguin, of New York, has collected 2G0 cases
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tavern-keeper. No member of the family of Stearns saw either the sick
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parison is not so far fetched, for ''femora ahdomitii applicantur,
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ment. With our present knowledge, little is to be expected, beyond pallia-
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ganglion upon taste, but also its relation to the fifth nerve.
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observe that the quantity of his urine was notably increased. On examina-
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long before its existence is ascertained. I have known a case in which,
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diminished power of the respiratory movements, and, also, recovery under
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of the phalanges of the outer pillars (fig. 9, aop), the middle
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the surface of the motor part of the facial nerve (figs. 1 and 2
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gree, from a slight diminution of consistency to pulpiness or complete
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males." It was an essay in fact on the treatment and diagnosis of those chronic
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In the anterior cerebral artery and its branches of the cat and
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plucked goose into a man. In the details of this section, we
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chronic tubal nephritis, occurs especiall}^ in early life, although extremely
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tis. It had made its appearance suddenly while the patient
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According to Todd, the jiortio dura generally escapes m cases ot hemi-
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claims that this discover}^ ivS based on the following facts : A microscopi-
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called malarious districts it is not observed, as distinct from remitting
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other words, that the concentrated emanations from the bodies of healthy
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readily introduced. If a full sized oiled sound be previously
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drains, preventing leakages from these and cesspools, taking care that the
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consequently be avoided. Material preserved in alcohol was
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and not infrequently the elongated papillae, projecting through the coat-
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not indicated, except the attack occur shortly after a full meal and there
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modern jjractice of employing emetic remedies in fevers, is
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most cases a guinea-pig would regain the use of its jaws suffi-
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■ firmly closed, the fingers concealing the thumb which is in close apposi-
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anterior portion of the ascending process of the parasphenoid
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rence of delirium, lasting for hours or da3's, in connection with the disease.
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tactile sensibility. The affection is essentially distinct from motor para-

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