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district amount of jaundice as shown by the conjunctiva?, the gen-

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tions seemed to follow this exposure for other purposes, patients were

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describes in an exact and interesting manner, and upon personal ob-

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of the effusion may be apoplexy, palsy or convulsions; if in the

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Dr. Brainard had long held a recognized position among the most


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er wrote, " A muscle is only an apparatus by means of which the trans-

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of which the inner arterial coat seemed to some extent continuous.

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made the solution in the manner proposed by M. Genevoix, of Paris.

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believes in " self-limited diseases," j'et not the less carefully does he

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primary union, and may even allow bleeding to occur beneath them.

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and, I have no doubt, has occurred to many others before me, but

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color, such as is so frequently noticed under similar circumstances

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this view, and by direct experiment on himself proves that the ends

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31st, and that the ham and sausages which still remained of it contained

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not lessen tlie intensity of the symptoms. The patient fell into a

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attachment, and applying the current. The symptoms were relieved

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I found a pulsating tumor, about three and a half inches in diameter.

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Surgeon to the Woman's Hospital, New York, &c. New York : Wm. Wood & Co.— Reflex

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general discussion as to whether extraction up or down offers the

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For the most part, these patients received little or no further care ;

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beneficial ; and, moreover, the remedies that are in their own nature

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pies the whole cheek and prevents, in most cases, the execution of

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undefined condition, that it has become a matter worthy of grave con-

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