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tress ; then colicky pains, constipation, except a discharge takes
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but without result. It would seem, tluirefore, that the co-existence of
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lations to this disease, and advocates early operative interference,
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However, oftentimes an irritative cough in a consumptive patient
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rugation of the skin of the forearm and shoulder in an infant.
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self is disturbed, or morbidly diminished." What is the diflerence
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Case XII. — A lady 30 years of age, American, employee in a pa-
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that swine maj' infect each other by intestinal trichinae alone.
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escape from our ventilating sliafts, our gulley holes, and open closets.
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with the administration of chloroform, there still remains the painful
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were bone ; and taking a pair of forceps I readily removed ten spicu-
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perpendicular tube ])ecome obstructed, it may be picked at by a bris-
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r}' A. Martin, of Roxbury, late Surgeon U. S. Vols., to be Lieut.
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epiglottidean fold. Examples arc mentioned by Debrou,* and by
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course of the femoral vein, and of the left thigh, which was much swol-
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and although I could see no explanation for the action of the remedy,
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in a ductile form and the plan of using it without solder. In his
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tenets of our science. Finally. I am convinced by my own experience that the
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external frame and supply it with force for action of the brain and
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to its walls. Unfortunately, the friends would not permit an ex-
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passed by unnoticed by one physician and have been subsequently
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hi^ senses, cannot at his pleasure and clioice imagine or produce
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heat and cold, of sound, color, taste, and smell of different objects,
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among' some trinkets for a little sister. She unpacked them the eve-
found. If you remove the cause the debility will take care of
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to Diagnosis ; Abscesses of the Liver ; Cancer of the Liver ; Syph-
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