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Martyn Paine, M. D., Professor of Institutes of Medicine and Materia Medica.
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5. bifurcation (Meckel); 6. Ectropia, or Extroversion; 7, its total absence.
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or bladders filled with nuclei, a result of the corkscrew-like
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)f the spinal cord, or any other part of the body. The tubercle was hard, and
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a force of upwards of 7000 souls, there were 38 deaths from cholera, 26 on board
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constitute the principal things to avoid. One with a |
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pared for the use of Schools and Colleges. By W. S. W. Ruschenberger,
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animals have been poisoned is found. He constantly met with it in large quantity in the
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nessed in the beneficial effects of change of air from a crowded city to the
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upon the removal from the bladder of the debris of the stone by
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epidemic or pandemic tendency has also had something to say
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"The quarterly medical periodicals stand nearly in the same relation to the
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too well-nourished patient consults his doctor. His chief
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something will give a clue as to the part of the cerebro-spinal axis
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the delicate lining of the limgs and paving the way for
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historical review of the subject. He says the best and truest
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not cicatrize. The process proceeds as rapidly in the mucous tissue, as in
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late firmly and in large masses, and has not its tendency to become solid, inter-
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cause for the affection in both eyes; and, after citing some
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The heart is pear-shaped, base up, as big as your fist,
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decided opinions as to the precise causes of death has^ therefore, been
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out the error and also the distinction between the two diseases. Two charac-
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which, as well as difficulty of speech, is so common a symptom in
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furnished at Haslar, or other suitable place, for special in-
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he continued to improve, and was discharged, cured, June 30, 1841.
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on the surface ; the " puncta vasculosa'' being increased, and giving
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The canula was finally removed on the thirteenth day, and the teazing cough
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than in other cities since the practice of terminal disin-
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tions, productive of diseases sui generis. That the base of lofty moun-
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affections, just as it is now proved that English authorities have done hitherto;
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however, occasionally met with where, even in advanced periods
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nearly altogether confined to the Atlantic Plain or tide-water region extend-
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their maimer of life more like some natural structure of the
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''The neurilemma is first involved in neuritis, and that its nuclei pro-
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The Lectures in the Medical Department of this institution will commence on the
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by commercialism, and that is the idea that underwear
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clear, though coagulable as before. — Neio York Med. Gaz., September 15, 1841.
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Samuel has not been confirmed by Meiraner and others, and the in-
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the injury was of a local nature extending but a short distance from the parts
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the first and last. Pelvi-peritonitis, like haeraatocele, may occur
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he had never seen calculi properly so called. Prael, according to Grast-
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cles, then, by removing this constriction, would lengthen the antero-posterior di-

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