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jury and disease by adoption of an industrial health
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Paul C. Schnoebelen, M.D., St. Louis, discussed “The
use of thioridazine tablets
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Tuberculosis — E. E. Glenn, Springfield, Chairman; H. L.
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within firm capsules. The pleura, pericardium, heart, lungs, thoracic glands,
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on the othrr han-I. ......fains .1 imeloasp capable of splitting the p,.lv
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ogy, Washington, D. C.). — The patient was an 18 year
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There was a diffuse or focal myelosis in all of the organs. This was
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this complication is the maintenance of the distrac-
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priation will be absolutely necessary, and I recommend that Congress
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constitutional amendment will perhaps be necessary before this pro-
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Issued :0. 05%, bottles of 1 fl.oz.and 16 fl. ozs. ‘Jelly, 0.05%, tubes of 20 Gm.
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mild, barely determinable attack from the same exposure that is
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Scientific Program page 216, Hotel Reservation Blank page 208
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transportation from one State or Territory to another, or to any
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reflection of pericardium from anterior surface of heart.
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Kmhi\ol..uicall\- th.' inedulki is devi^loped frmii the same neiirohla.stie
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and passed a small ball of feces coated with thick, creamy mucus.
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The addition of carbohydrate— in the type and amount the indi-
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62.92 per cent of the fuel value of the timothy hay and 77.76 per cent
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amination of this revealed carcinoma of the bronchus
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10. View of hypophysis from above in acute suppurative hypophysitis
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the captions of " Chicago " and " The Chicago Stock Yards," J)y its special sanitary
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and to imprison for at least a year any man who gives anything of
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The tllMvi.l is il.\.l..p.'.l !..v iiiim.'.liate ..lituivwtli f.-olll the ent..<leiiii
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of our profession in the blueprint stage of develop-
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Third District: Councilor, J. William Thompson, St. Louis:
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Dunklin 10 J. C. Cofer Kennett F. L. Spence Kennett
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The English wholesale dealers smoke most of the Danish bacon
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the lllilie. 'I'lle lllithnils I'ltf lemlerilii,' iili ,'lliilliiil ev|ieiiiiieiitiill y c|i;ilietii'
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the iiiediilhi tak.s |)lace in the hi I \vhile it is in the cortex. This view
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6/19/15. — ^The patient's temperature has remained high and gradually
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The two cases of mesarteritis of the puhnonary artery, recorded
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i„ ,,,„„ns.i„„. Mnv,.,„r„,s lik. ,l,<is- c.r ,„oon.sMu„ ,„a,v o.MM.r, l.ut tin-
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In over 16 per cent of all reported cases of atresia of the bUe-ducts,
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mittee and sent out to departments of health at the
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operative venous thrombosis.^® In the prophylactic
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'i.'i- '"'''"I stahlish, ,1. Th,. f,.,„|stnrr in ,|U,.sti,,ii is tli..n fed 1,i tin'
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return from that meeting one of them states that, when the cattle

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