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"I have now liad about 150 cases of hernia under treatment by

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Dec. 15th — just thirteen days after I saw him — he visited the city,

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tioner to avert future serious injury, or even loss of vision, by advis-

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Asylum of California, we learn that tlie number of patients in the in-

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STANDING: R. Thomas Newell, II, George T. Pierson, Murray M.

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FourieenOi Annual MeeAing of the American Pharmaceutical Ansocio

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myself more clearly, without knowing most precisely the nature of

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it, before long, becomes organized and thickened, and contracts

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was but the diversion from old channels of a spirit of public gene-

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at Canibridgeport, near its first locality. At the same time it was

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of the annual mortality of this country is due to causes clearly

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ties and governments to establish strict quarantines, and if such as they

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the President has portrayed the littleness and chicaneiy of some, who

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discharged by the mere force of gravity, or ])ossibly due to the stimulation of the

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of the scope of this work, than by giving in a rapid resume, or coup

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tion, Dr. Mackenzie very properly called them false excrescences.

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Medicine as Practised by Animals. — M. G. Delaunay, in a

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vein was hard, corded, and obstructed by adhesive inflammation,

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led me to tlic conclusion that I had to deal with a case of suppressed

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" ' The experiments of Dr. Salisbury offer nothing new except the

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the use of the medical public in this country, and to make the labors

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dent, Dr. Edward Dclafield. Vice President, Dr. Henry W. Williams.

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clamor arose : '' We have got an intractable disease into our country,

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one, in fighting against quackery. I would like to know what benefit

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ble. Stress enough, to our thinking, is not laid upon the debridement

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made more or less use in their practice of the fluid extracts. The ad-

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" Physiologically she is diflerent, and to this I would most earnestly

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plete description of this disease; a coHsideration of which, however,

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parture for ulterior researches ; and, as we have said, this fact ap-

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