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tive immunity from the disease which our own people have enjoyed,

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Clark, Jolin Lairifi, New Bedford, Physiological Actio/i of Mercury.

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numbers. Not infrequently all of these varieties are present in the

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" Miss ; 50 years of age ; fair health. Complained Monday,

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practical results of importance, which probably have escaped his ob-

pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration

right side of the ascending portion, and commencing two inches above

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previously failed in our hands, by applying it in a different manner.

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trition. Finally, the iris may participate in the inflammation, and

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$100 prize which was offered last year. The ofier has been renewed ;

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sary length of time without the aid of splints; 2d. It is, on the

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concise history of cholera from the year 1629, the earliest date at

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can the application be made to the desired locality. Even in the^

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and in a day or two the pledget was removed, suppuration hav-

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enabled me to simplify very much the operative procedure when it

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valent only to saying, that physicians cure, and that medicine con-

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March 27th. — Discharge still unhealthy. Director passed two

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A Guide to the Practical Study of Diseases of the Eye, with an Outline

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The shoulder was very much swollen, and lie had a constant ten-

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should be painful, the lining membrane being much more sensitive

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with the individual, and ascertained that he is vending a remedy for

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On inspection laryngoscopically the epiglottis was found very prone,

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cially in the fangs, but otherwise uninjured. In the sulphate of iron

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the lower extremities, and especially sciatica. Trousseau and

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ous phases of its existence witli great rapidity, and hence the erup-

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This little book sets forth in earnest and forcible language the many

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she left the Hospital, with the tumor reduced to about half its origi-

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ble. Stress enough, to our thinking, is not laid upon the debridement

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thought that malaria was probably one of the causes ; and so also

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Next comes its application to hunis ; in these cases, painted over

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to the too common glorification of physicians, but while it points out

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Deaths in Boston for the week ending Saturday noon, March 17th, 85. Males, 41—

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