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take place from the mucous surfaces, epistaxis and hematuria being very
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alike. Hydrotherapy should be included in medical instruction, not as
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apparatus and from a distilling apparatus being made to flow through
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tions upon the nerves supplying the pial vessels, but the tone of all the
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period from Sejitemher S to November !•. inelusive, show a total of
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why the warm full bath so often fails in insomnia. A much better
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posed to unfavorable weather conditions. In this way we may lessen,
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gested cold water. The child was made to stand in an empty tub,
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but it may be jjerhajis a simple matter to jirevent its development."
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mutton, capers with our boiled mutton, roast apple with our
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scanning it, and opens the stopcocks which close the nozzle. He now
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who is engaged in civil jn-actice will be permitted to draw full
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tissue fats. Eaten alone they are not so fattening. For ex-
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the other hand, the presence of a murmur, even though it be loud and
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Vomicae may be classified as (1) progressive and (2) non-progressive.
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and being rowed by one of the harbor boatmen in a small boat
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private practice. The under employees were taken from the
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siderable reduction of fat in persons who have reduced their consump-
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supply from a two-inch main. The water entering this cylinder passes
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in the middle of the room, so that the attendant may have ready access
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The anatomic alterations resemble those of ordinary inflammation
Food has two chief uses, — to form the tissues and to act
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total number of pages 277, nine being index. It will be of great
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bathing simply meant soaking in hot water with the consequent impair-
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It seems proper to mention here the fact that certain other diseases dis-
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nected by a piece of rubber tubing three feet long to a canula
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losis — a sequela which does not belong to pure rheumatism.
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was reached, O'Dwyer's practice), mortality, 6 per cent.
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the nerve centres with a view to enhancing the patient's vital powers ;
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undergoes decomposition with the liberation of formalde-
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nervous phenomena may be present. There may be restlessness, sleepless-
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he may partake sparingly of this New England luxury, pro-
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prodromal period exists it must be quickly combated, and if this were
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luxury will always have its penalties, for, as far as man's ani-
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with cold water. He was led to its application in this disease by the
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man cannot live in health and comfort and enjoy life on a
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ter is an erroneous idea has been proven by the experiments of Silex
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ing or by improper food — as shown by the stools, as a rule — in which

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