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which of the forces which regulate the materials of their experiments

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sation and motion of entire person below the nipples anteriorly, and

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essential sj'mptoms. As for treatment, I have mentioned only those

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an intra-uterine polypus has been aroused, only to be dispelled by the

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for by the fact, that in the sparse population of country towns cases

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Fourth, That umbilical and ventral hernia are mo're common in

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Dana towards Brooklinc, making its outlet, as I was informed, by or

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of Messrs. Thayer, with directions for preparing the various prepara-

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from the Schneiderian membrane ; has had this affection for the past

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or thick silk, to guard, as far as may be, against the sudden and se-

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demics recorded in the works of Hippocrates), to be convinced that

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and who are the best men to be selected. And here we would frankly

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life — the numerical proportion to the whole population of the defec-

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Among many other purposes to which I have applied it, may be

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or less dry and sticky, the peritoneum particularly so ; the cerebral

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Cerebellum by Cojitre-couj). — April 14th, 1865. Mary G., a't. 35, fell

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too lax. Wo need more legislation in this direction. The resolution

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such cities as New York and Boston ; but in the inland districts we

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Dist. 4. Dr. S. A. Green, Physician ; H. Cudworth and W. C.

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disease or injury. Many of these are very useful, but nearly all are

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was much shocked to find Mrs. C. in so critical a condition. Anemic

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may at last result, the iris and other structures becoming atrophied

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new, it reviews careful!}' the subject of " bone pathology " in its re-

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influence of the dietary of difierent countries in the production of giv-

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tation, this would amount to perpetual exclusion. Amidst contend-

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Northern States, although it is believed that this disease is largely

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matters generally employed for such purposes would not add to the

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also speaks of a spotted fever which ])revailed the previous year in

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rations on the occupants of tlie private rooms of my infirmary, and omitted the

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cine and the usefulness of the physician and his remedies, if it

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estrogen progestin replacement therapy and endometrial cancer

the New York State Medical Society, for 1858. In October, 1859,

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frequent in the southeasterly counties than in other parts of this State.'

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interference with the nodules, but to put the patient upon iodide of

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syphilis, or the possibilities which might follow in the life of an infant

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exercise was continued until we deemed it unnecessary. She recov-

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