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follows division of all the sensory roots of a limb seems to indicate that,
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tion, no doubt allied to amnesia. The patient appears to possess two
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Pathology. — Lupus is essentially a granulation-tissue neoplasm, due
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Complete and characteristic fits of this kind are so extremely rare in
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Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas, however, discov-
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the particular attack, and ward off a recurrence. -The attempt must be
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equals number of cells per cubic millimeter of blood.
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for a time. The measles, often an obstinate disease, was
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structural disease, such as optic neuritis and atrophy, or electrical reaction
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may have no memory of any part of the attack ; in this respect he
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volume of packed red cells, as read, is divided by the
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that they are conscious of voices without hearing them. Occasionally
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and my own experience is that the suppurative condition is a secondary
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constitutes the great mass of the incurable perennial insanity of our
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hysterical women, which he apparently connects with some supposed
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co-ordinate the muscular powers, we endeavour by the simplest forms, of drill
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(2) Report The amount of hemoglobin is determined by the
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tuberculosis ; and Schamaun has recently published a thesis in which all
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Doubtless nervous and highly imaginative children are more liable to
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coarser forms of brain disease, such as tumour, certain persons only,
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nosological point of view the arrangement cannot be considered satis-
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be local or general, complete or partial; symptomatic, as in pyrexia,
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at their free edges, and are arranged in rows according to the move-
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originate independently of any connection with sebaceous glands or hair
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inflammatory exudation into the skin. In a few cases oedema is present,
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horse; the amateur surgeon then drove a spear into the
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commonly affects women than men, and occurs most frequently between the
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and (much more rarely and to a slighter degree) borax.
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Thus the regions where comedones may occur are the face, the ears
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cyanosis associated with the infiltration, pigmentation, and perhaps
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