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assistance of our profession not one of these establishments could

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dency to cough. Spirit lotions were applied to the shoulder, and a

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shape is much like the nodule on the left vocal cord in Case I., though

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our views, and the general!}' expressed opinion of our brethren, so far

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Liver. — In the centre of the right lobe there was a purulent deposit,

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and the pubes denuded of periosteum; when, after exfoliation, a

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to admit as such, lie remarked that the average mortality of true

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tion Ijy the due appropriation of the digestive powers, and the just and

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vention of means adapted to the ends he seeks. Thus he claims pre-

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cure of that case of consumption. The hj'gienic principles built up

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He was taken ill on May 20th, and is said to have been in a state of

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bend in the Volga, a settlement of Moravians that has been for a

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and he finally came under my care, witii severe attacks of haemorrhage

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were slightly increased, though about the same as for preceding years ;

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kind — and are now both discharging faecal matter.

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An eye which has been roughly injured should therefore be care-

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be true or false, or, like the manner related formerly of collecting

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cient to gain the end we have in view, and that without inflicting the

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performed the bilateral section in the same patient. When the second

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of tj'phoid fever ; the bladder contains a variable quantity of urine.

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perience this stands alone, and I thought it might amuse you, if not

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in the haemorrhagic cases. Tiic treatment employed was mercurial

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roads and the rapidity of communications. Some departments of the

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fluous, I am unable, after weighing the pros and cons, to pronounce in favor of its

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