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ries us into an obscure future ; it suits our present purpose to Vim'it cat aracta sim-
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a normal, not a pathological phenomenon. '•' Do I need glasses ? "
recommended dosage of phenobarbital for dogs
of strength." He was more favorably disposed to emetics. He also
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exceptions, were employed within the building in close contact with
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On examining abdomen, found tumor of about the size of fourth to
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Epizootia among the Sparrows. — The Union 3Udicale, after referring
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superstition and twaddle ; good for nothing ; and only worthy to be
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found, for where a burrow is, there is a female and her eggs or their
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the corner of a handkerchief, can have their photographs taken upon
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in 32 hours. In October there were also several variations, and
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drawn up by Mr. Cutler, aided by a committee from the medical staff",
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charges, we have to do with the very grave form, although the thick-
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mouth, and bounded as follows : the base is an imaginary curved
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nized than the first, but in the embryo it can be traced without much
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higher than that of New England and New York, which was 2,723 in
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The author gives a sketch of the history of Rhinoscopy and Laryn-
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deep and larger suppurating sacs. One drains by capillary attrac-
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doses every four hours) and supporting diet. In a week convales-
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companied by a mortality varying from 1 death in 4.^ to 1 death in 9^
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tion which he may have acquired in attending any patient in his
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and pain in the bhadder, aggravated by riding or exercise. At the
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ogy in Harvard University ; said professor shall be appointed by the
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abling affection. His experience among the Confederate wounded and
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near the umbilicus, so that two nearly perfect embryos will be formed.
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of this time the pain and weariness wore upon him somewhat. His
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he supposed to be water, and brought it hastily to his lips. He had
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college, knowing in the end, as he thought, as much as his preceptor ; but on his
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The peculiarity of tliesc cases seems to be the al)sen(e of leucncytlki'mic blood in the non-
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nous circulation. Veins, however, soft and compressible.
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transmissibility, and viewed with regard to prophylaxia, it sets in

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