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bv the fact that I have encountered but five instances of it in the
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nal stimuli; no symptoms of uneasiness, and no movements of the eye-lids, fol-
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After one week's cultivation there were secured from two tubes
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lypi, having long attached appendices floating loosely in the cavities,
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of jaundice in single abscesses of the liver, irrespective of the cause.
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of the latter still continue,) to pay attention to the head. You can do this at
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30. On the Employment of Narcotine in some Cases of Nervous Debility. By M.
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unilateral, while bronchitis is generally bilateral, and (2) because
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followed almost any sort of operative interference with the glandula
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spleen was just palpable, the patient had increased in weight but was pale.
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become acid in reaction. The solution must be neutral to litmus.
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of large rivers are apt to teem with malarious exhalations. The detritus
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vapour bath, or the common hot bath, with bottles of hot water to the feet
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compiled from the various dictionaries of medicine, English and foreign"!
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The performance of the operation could not have hastened materially
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the spleen could be distinctly felt, and slight rigidity of the upper part
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be reduced to three classes; its motions, the various conditions of the pupil, and
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certainly demands some degree of attention from the facts adduced
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upon the primary toxicity of the protein, one would expect to find
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684 bass: manner in which cerebral malaria is produced
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think, to indicate clearly a definite difference in sex predisposition.
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They were soluble in water and spirits; were dissipated by heat, and precipitated
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pathologist of the Bureau of Animal Industry, the following
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Tarchanoff. Effect of Hemoglobin on Bile Secretion, Archiv. f. d. ges. Phys.,
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ties, a view which leads to the interesting conclusion — 'ihat religious customs
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gravity, albumin and formed elements being more or less conspicu-
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Philadelphia Medical Society, published in the original department of the pre-
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much worse and assumed new features. The pain would come on shortly
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acid content of strictly normal blood. In 38 unselected cases
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vigorous mind — a mind nevertheless, that we should shrewdly suspect, is a littk
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Association in 1912, having seen 7 cases in Atlanta since 1910.
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An x-ray examination shows a long tubular stomach, prolapsed, the
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contradistinction to the spirochete, for which sheep-serum water
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and the patient complains of great thirst, and heat in the epigastrium; to
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Removal of diffusible substances from the circulating blood by means of
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facts might be cited . It is, however, impossible to go into any further
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Wassermann reaction from positive to negative is, however, much
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made without an instrumental determination of the blood -pressure.
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considerably enlarged and thickened. Simple dressing applied, and a
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Austin and Ordway in a very careful study found urobilin present
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attack of diphtheria is not exclusively the result of direct injury to
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Might not this have been the origlnl Might nt)t some particles of the flesh or
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are fresh, single tubercles in the granulation tissue. Since prac-
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the ages of the two groups. There seems no question that the
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canthus. In its texture the tumour seemed as if composed of lamina, far
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occurs during foetal life, and this is always accompanied by a remarkable sus-
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grades and we have no doubt that Brill's disease is true typhus.
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increase the pressure very successfully, as Biedl and Kraus have shown.

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