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of fares, none is allowed by the Swiss or German companies.

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having produced so rapidly an excellent translation of Dr.

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ments made for ensurirg continuity. But it is only reason-

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could be made out. When seen again (August, 1891) the

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At a meeting of the Parliahientary Bills Committee, held at

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pleases. A few days ago a stroller by the Lee, just above

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Medical Staff' being compelled to take charge of native

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unsteady and irregular way by keeping his hands on his

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a constant diet the ratio of intake and output of hydrogen was very

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I'^J'stan (W. R.). Chemical Papers from the Research Laboratory. Vol. I.

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the child she had observed a discharge from the navel, which

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the tip of the tongue and pull upon the tongue rhythmically

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ality of our department in India, and of tlie specific nature of our charges

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the operations of the committee should stop with the pro-

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trivial matters of cleanliness, and the more strictly early cases of

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micro-organisms are not only seen of the full, natural size,

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day on their success, and. speaking of the value of education in the culti-

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creamy pus ; there were but scanty adhesions. The patient left the hos-

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had been dilated up to Hegar No. 12 that perfect freedom from pain was

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Parochial System of the Church of tngland," said the Church of England

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confirmed by Dr. Leon Colin, and a systematic inquiry was

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M. Banks, Liverpool; Dr. Lauder Brunton, London; F. Barriugton,

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for Dr. Batten gives us three very interesting cases of mus-

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charge can find a vent, a condition favourable for the production

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Chairman, Dr. Farquharson, Dr. Vacher, Dr. .Spottiswoode Cameron, and

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all of these countries Dr. PALiMBERG visited for the express

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public body was less than it might be. He thought that

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