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double vision, and no prostration of strength, as I have seen in

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months. It was painful, more especially when it was pressed.

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two or three days. The patient all the time had no bad symptoms

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pensory ligament of the lens has lately been altogether denied." It

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only now need be pressed to the equal necessity of re-vaccination.

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new and important material, and enhances the value of the volume

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the enormous system of advertising practised there, as well as hero, by

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jecting into the mouth. A moderate degree of irritation followed,

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later in the former than in the latter mode of administration.

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tended witli difficulty on stooping forward or bending the neck.

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exhibits on its internal surface membranous patches similar to those

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piece of work in one hour without proportionate fatigue is better than

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tivities include membership in C.O.S. and lota Tau Sigma fra-

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to the time of the administration of the ether but little pain was

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the case, and it turned out that he, through some mistake on the part

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nal Health, the executive officer of the whole organization, is a man

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Guard. He has devoted a great amount of time in the Physiology

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through their progress, and prescribing for them their proper reme-

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