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tympanitic, nothing unusual being detected on exploration. A solu-

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alleviation which it has brought to human suffering, and the monument

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disease yet more closely resembled that which we are considering;

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until he died — fifty hours after the accident. No autopsy allowed.

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existed in some parts of France and was there considered one of the

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the rupture has come back, more or less, but seldom so large as

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" In the case selected by M. Jaccoud to illustrate his remarks, al-

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Nappo is a man of considerable talent. He will probably best

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that which characterizes the perfume of the lily of the valley, the Spircea

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well aired, sufficiently ventilated, Avithout crowding in the chambers ;

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lagmite, at a depth of twelve feet from the surface. With it were

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Presentation. — At the close of the exercises at the Mass. Medical

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pared with succeeding years ; it was comparatively mild and temper-

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was finally made by Dr. Charles F. Crehore, whose report will be

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Chairman of the Althing, and some other veterinarians. The Dan-

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cord, the whole column presenting- a diminished or shrivelled appear-

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complicated mechanism than that of the head. 17. The contractions

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white in every part, having a rough surface and a white coating ; for

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ble cause was a chronic inflammation at or near the placental attach-

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much and appeared to promote the activity of the bowels ; it was

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