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boiled eggs, three pieces of bread, and a large tea-cup full of coffee.
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biographical memoir of Dr. Stevens, Dr. 0. F. Fassett, of St. Albans ;
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tlic knee, 1 — disease of the liver, 1 — congestion of the lungs, 1 — indammation of the lungs,
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Hospital can now admit everxj form of disease, medical or surgical,
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injury to the soft parts of the vagina or rectum. The jjulse was
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left carotid and subclavian. Impulse very strong at acromial end of
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wealtli as to interfering with dead bodies are severe, and it is treated
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" most strenuous defender of the ligature," for he admits in 20 opera-
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necessity to know the natural history of disease before we attempt
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this dilatation, which extends from the inner ring to a point an inch,
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history as well as the science of medicine. Coming from men en-
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tween 40 and 60 years, 7— above 60 years, 13. Born in the United States, 46— Ireland, 15—
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interesting relations to kindred investigations in other countries, the
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for the profession. Again, the definitions, diagnoses and descrip-
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When to a dropsy of cardio-nephritic origin, is added nephritic
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The bodies retain their heat remarkably, and sometimes the tempe-
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prevent the propagation of the disease by the pilgrims on their way
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is, however, still non-obligatory, and although the summer sessions, so-
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but more useful results. Four cases were experimented on. The
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acid nitrate of mercury had been used, but was not sure about arsenic.
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but even of the branches which they have studied in books, for their
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fect ecomonij ; that is, an aggregate of natural and special causes and
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glands was followed down on the carotid sheath, seemingly ad injini-
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dining room areas. Physician's offices will be installed
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creted in consequence of the gall-bladder — its reservoir — being
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those volatile and gaseous ones not yet fully examined, and to which
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on a long, eight-inch director, and four setons of silk passed, as high
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diarrlujea and dysentery." This was the ojlicial statement of Dr.
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this alternating from four to six times during " the minute. In the
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Lectures on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood. By Charles West,

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