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obtrusive, but none tiie less dangerous pestilence-breeders hid away
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he became senseless, and was taken to the hospital, and, strange to
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ing the coronal suture. The membranes on the right side distended
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other presses backwards upon the retina and optic nerve, lessening
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treatment is either by pressure sufficient to rupture the cyst, thus
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microscope, presented the well-marked characters of myeloid disease.
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tension well. Pulse 100. Wound in elbow discharges freely.
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be considered as a hurtful cause. Who, then, is properly the cause.
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had to sleep in his cliair the greater part of the time. This state of
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signs of malignancy, with an extreme prostration of the powers.
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thenopia. But as it is connected with a slight degi-ee of myopia,
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lalgia of the young girl lasted several days ; it was the prelude of an
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petechia? often appear, and, in youths possessed of a sanguine tem-
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most inveterate cases of fever of this variety. It must be so given
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to expose so much of the bony sac as would admit of a free opening
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you have gained the first part of the oesophagus, you can easily carry
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Oct. 3d, she left town to visit her friends in Vermont, perfectly
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should be dispensed with, and the edges of the tracheal incision be
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the highest reputation in the profession, they can do us no good ; they
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■with which the linen was ornamented ; the hair, the beard, and its
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passed for one of the necessary discomforts attending the puerperal
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LL.D. Reprinted from the Transactions of the Illinois State Medical
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Many years ago, at the Jefferson Medical College, a course of
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two days previously, and which was embedded in her heel.
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place called Paradise. Their effects were sent to Lancaster, in a high
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City Hospital, which has just completed its first full year of active
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Dr. Perkins was reminded of similar cases in his practice, about the
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General Sherman's army was met at Savannah by four first class sea-
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tity than natural, and high colored; specific gravity 1.020; reac-
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are not susceptible to any of these influences ; and doubtless there
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erable work in the Greek Orthodox Youth of America group and
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Farther investigations have fally corroborated the statements there
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managed, supersedes the necessity for other support even in the
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sult, and two negroes with results no ways perfect, which we attribute
with precision the circumstances wherein the exclusive power of na-
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head of a month old. The patient states that the tumor is sore

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