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pendent upon vital processes of growth, led me to an opposite treat-
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like that scab disease of the former century: it is a great plague,
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overtasked when in this weakened state), any of thesj medicines
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fifteen minutes, constitute my usual prescription. This is very rarely
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while we have tested it upon numerous persons with like results.
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The annual report of the superintendent of the McLean Asylum for
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ted mother could give ; a large and well-ventilated apartment, kept
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Respecting the first condition, Pettenkofer, and the members of the
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" I generall}' commence the cure by employing milk alone, and for-
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attend them. Of the 102, 18 have died ; all the others have recovered,
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were improper cases for operation : some were, doubtless, negligent
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with pharmacy and medicine, are appended, among which one on tho
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part of the time, and since then has gained rapidly. Now, Feb. 21st,
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deceased members of the Society — Drs. Stevens, Danforth and
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sometimes red with blood. Prussic acid was detected, by the silver
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head, from one auditory meatus to the other, 17^ inches. There is
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quickly. This, however, is a serious evil, and leads to indigestion,
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together with a concise statement of my connection with bringing
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Essays or monographs on the above subject, in competition for the
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Dr. Noyes related a case of fracture of the arm, treated by a sole-
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er, however, of equal importance, which has been lost sight of, and
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ficing man, his death is felt at this moment by a very large circle of mourning
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ed, but occasionally containing a certain amount of altered mucus,
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from the presence of the urine in the cellular tissue, and the faeces
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hoarseness, would not be diagnosticated during life, and would pro-
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bank of a river, what was supposed to be wild parsnip, and ate part
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more recent events have shown that it needs but some act of heroism,
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since she first observed the enlargement, and it was about a year
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all that is necessary. The material is always at hand — a piece of
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already stated, between its appearance there and the health of

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