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the remedy could no longer be doubted. During the first three

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cardiographically at the University Hospital during a period of two

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mother, Pellagrin 276, aged 50 years, had recurrences in 1911, 1912, 1913 and

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7. Pyrrhol Cell : These cells were first recognized as a distinct entity by

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coagulation are due to infective agencies, these may give rise to sup-

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Blood serum, the autolysis of nitrogenous compounds of the, in general

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cation is usually futile. Extension, when it occurs in these cases, is

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compression of the lower part of the abdominal aorta by a tourniquet

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and this level corresponded roughly to that which is associated with

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The hands and feet are broad and thick. The temperature is gener-

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commission, although by far the major portion of his time each year

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deficiency disease, this possibility is at least suggested, while on the

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tremor and malaise were observed. The animals became dull and

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layer of the cerebellum. These focal areas are irregular in shape and cover

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to 50 gm. cold lean meat or ham (without any fat), no butter.

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skin symptoms or not. He died of catarrh of the bowels in July, 1911. He

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sodium chlorid, while the daily output of urine on an intake of 2,500

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our possession make it very probable that when syphilis is derived by a

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that they might become sufficiently vascularized to retain their vital

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To recall briefly the anatomical facts: The lymphatics empty

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From these studies it seems fair to conclude that the study of

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eration is visible to the naked eye as a collection of yellow masses

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not of itself prove a tricuspid insufficiency, as the jugular vein, even

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It would thus seem advisable to use fasting diabetics for such

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were also observed. Much of the hair was lost and the voice grad-

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an operation offers a good prospect of affording relief under the cir-

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hypodermic injections may be practised of {a) pure ether and brandy

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of a large aneurysm it has been recommended that the subclavian

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importance of diet as a contributory factor in the production of pellagra.

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the large mononuclear transitional cells are transition forms of the

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sity at the base, does not correspond so exactly with the phases of

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Lord, Davis, Allen, Boggs, Grassberger and Wollstein shows that in

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unsophisticated peasantry, largely crossed with Indian blood.

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really varieties of one and the same disease, and that all are due to

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of the vagus, a rapid increase in the action of the heart was induced

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to its condition in exophthalmic goitre and to the general effects

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