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paper before the American Medical Association, claiming these dis-
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geal cough in a boy threatened with pulmonary tubercles, and from
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tensi.n seems to be coming more into use every year, and very
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Dr. Brainard had long held a recognized position among the most
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Being a prudent man, we never thought it our duty to overstrain our-
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" The city of Albany, the capital of the State of New York, is
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ology to habituate tliemsolvos to the study of medical books, even of
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is sufficient to produce such effects as those below given. Its manu-
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Slight bloody expectoration. Morphine, gr. }, at bed-time.
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him sinking. His respiration was slow and imperfect; his skin
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veyance ; and if a predisposed person is at one end of the room and the
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interval Ije defended, it is often incompatible with external circumstances. More
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say here, that the electric battery employed was probably tlie most
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On the Use of Plaster of Paris in Surgery, Dr. James L. Little,
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cases, however, were soldiers or midsliipmen in the academy at New-
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The question is now who will be the botanist to reproduce the
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brought into perfect apposition. In those of larger extent by the
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•success as more than even, while the chances of an ultimate recovery,
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fortable as possible, supporting the strength and diminishing nervous
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Strumo7is Conjunclititis. — Margaret D., set. 10. Severe inflammation
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as late as the last quarter of a century, Dr. Hope, certainly one of
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vailing mania for over-treatment of real or imaginary uterine disease ;
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mately thirty years of growth. The first sizable hospital
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its prevalence in this country, Avhich, though extending over a shorter
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During the eighteenth century it occurred first in Prussia in 1704.
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absolute ; genuine iritis, however, is less frequently observed where
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Ave. mortality of corresponding weeks for ten years, I800
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logical conditions of its production substances which often give rise
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combe; — At an informal mee.ting of this body, in January last, I
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cumstances. ^Malaria has been mentioned by some observers ; but if

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