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ing, a portion of the right tonsil was removed, but without relief.

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and very rough surface. Their character showed that they liad been

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novel valuable inferences and principles are evolved.

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enough to cook a goose for her family dinner on the morning pre-

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should be, in all their details, firmly fixed in the mind of the laryn-

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the same time I shall depend upon both of them for my own sugges-

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Councillors, h<'ld the evening previous, for the ensuing year, as fol-

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of it, and who himself did not keep his (for Orfila was still in his

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The victims were from all classes and conditions of men, and from

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Lungs were pale, collapsed and empty ; free from tuberculous disease.

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teresting, and betoken an earnest, steady advance towards a time of

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by excision in the following manner. A loop of wire was passed over

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The measures about being carried out in New York, will be seen

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■whose use they were specially intended. As employed in doing the

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the disease. If other glands, more or less distant, are aflected by

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Before calling attention to the appearance of the abdomen I shall

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finds occasion, in speaking- of this work, to combat a prejudice among'

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of the practical results of these abuses, in the serious illness of two

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cus ; the bronchia) were so crowded as to be incapacitated to free

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Disappearance of the Cholera from Paris. — The Union Iledicale of

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Let the surgeon proceed, even if the arteries are quite large, and

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3d. General Anomalies of Nutrition vs^itbout Infection, namely :

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