TOP Ten Hottest Women Wrestler Award 2015

TOP Ten Hottest Women Wrestler Award


Lita is hottest women wrestler ever the world born in April 14 1975 she adopt wrestling as profession she start her carries From WWE in 2000 .She also chose In Wwe Hall Of Fame in april 2014.Lite Win WWE champion  4 Time. She Joined Hardyboys with Maat Hardy and Jeff Hardy Lita Retire From Wrestling in 2006.

Top Ten Hottest Women Wrestler

9. Velvet Sky

Vlvet Sky is Hottest women and now  her  body is key of beauty. Velvet is an American Professional Wrestler Start carrier as Velvet Sky (South African Air Line) her Real name is  Jamie Lynn Szantyr but start Carrier as Velvet Sky and Famous. Velvet Sky Born In  jun 2 1982. She Join Two time TNA Women Wrestling .She Win TNA women Knockout Champion and TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion .

Women hottest wrestler

8. Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne Born in February 5,1986 . Madison Rayne Real Name is Ashley Nichole Cabot  but Start Carrier as Madicon Rayne From TNA Wrestling.She Win Her First Five Competition TNA Knockout Champion . She also Appear another wrestling wring as Amber Lively. She wi also Shimmer Women Athletes (2007,2009,2011)

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7. Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool is so cool and pretty Hottest women wrestler born (January 25,1980) .She American Wrestler . She Win Two time WWe Divas Wrestling Champion Ship and also Two time Wwe Champion one if the best Diva of the Year. She was a Teacher and Join Wrestling As profession Latter on.

Top Ten Hottest Women Wrestler Michelle McCool

Top Ten Hottest Women Wrestler Michelle McCool

6.Mickie James

Mickie James is one if the Hottest Female wrestler. Born (31 august 1979) she also American professional Wrestler she also a good actor ,model and singer and now in Wrestling .Mickie start her Carrier in 1999 on independent Circuit . She’s popular name also Alexis Laree. She Working hard in Wrestling .She win WWE Champion,TNA Knockout Champion three Times  and TNA World Cup with USA Team  .Mickie retire  From TNA In Sep 2013.

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