Under Taker(Dead Man)

The services of wwe to introduce wrestling are unforgettable.  It has got the status of the Most authentic organization of wrestling. The services of WWW to make it the part of family entertainment have become part of history. It has three subordinate origination,Raw,Smack Down and ECW which arrange 12 main events apart from regular matches in their rings every week.

The Undertaker (Dead Man) Is Voracious Wrestler In Ring

WWE have got the owner of introducing history making Wrestlers , Stone cold Steve Austin Bret Hart,Hogan, Stone Gold many more and present  WWE World heavyweight champion Shaun Michel and Taker  are continuously attached for two decades.


Under Taker appeared on the horizon of wrestling in 1984.

In top events of wrestling Wreslemena his undef eatable up to now.  Th ratio of his success In theses matches 17/0.

It has entered into ring with many achievements . Undere Taker Real name was Mark William Calaway.

Under Taker and Dead Man are his ring name. Popular Wresler big man machine is his step brother. Both of them have also been the reveals of each other.The also formed  groups by name (Brother of Distraction).

Under Taker is one of those wrestlers who got the ability to fair fight   obey the wrestling rules.

The Use of negative tactics is considered the characteristic of  WWE . No Rule and Law bothered about to win in WWE. Under Taker  kept himself away from all these things  .Under Taker Considered the symbol of Horror for rival wrestlers. The known wrestler to avoid to fight with Under Taker. At some Differences with WCW he joined WWE in 19 Nov 1990 .

Undertaker Achievement in Wrestling


From that time he is With WWE.  Under Taker Win Seven time world champion .Under Taker Win Four Time WWW/E Champion, three time World Heavyweight champion.  And one time win USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion. Under Taker Win round about all WWE championship ship with the Ring name Dead man. Included onetime WWE Hardcore champion six time WWE Tag Team Champion and one time WCW Tag Team Champion.

2007 Royal Rumbles Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels after a great match first undertaker face tag Randy Orton and edge and then After 10 Minute Fight with Shawn Michaels Under Taker win historical match. Under Taker and Stone Cold Steve Austin defeat power of Kane and Mankind win WWF Tag Team Champion. Under Taker Has Wrestler who has unique Entrance.

Under Taker Nick Name

                     The American Bad Ass

Big Evil

              The Dead Man

                           The Lord Of Darkness

                     The Last Phenom

           Read Devil

                                          The Master Of Mind Games