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vated, before the amyloid infiltration can be distinctly apprehended that
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Painful and intractable herpes may develop. Hemifacial atrophy may
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tissue and resultant cicatricial contraction are prominent features. . The
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apt to occur — i. e. early in life. Again, palpation of sarcomatous or
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his avocation. During the next day some degree of enlargement and
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constantly at more or less irregular intervals. Less frequently the con-
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recovery ensues frequently last from six to eight weeks, though in some
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without intermission, and without relation to the period of the day.
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This is a common condition as a functional neurosis. It is due to
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experienced a recurrence once annually (on or about May Isc), commen-
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Definition. — A disease characterized by the appearance of an
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recur if errors in diet be committed or if peritonitis supervene. During
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or even the left shoulder. Jaundice and ascites are present in large
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If the temperature is subnormal and collapse threatens, a hot bath is
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so you will examine the mouth of your patients. You may, per-
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another and similar attack occurs. In short, the first acute attack is
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The urea is greatly increased, Kaufman finding the quantity in the
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under proper moral and hygienic control great benefit may be effected or
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sharp, though always lacking in power. Walsh first made the capital
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venture. The many who have so ably cooperated by contribut-
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Annual report, 1910, Boston University School of Medicine ;
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the obliterative or the ulcerative form, which may be followed by anemic
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Secondary nodules are somewhat more frequently observed. Accord-
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about 38 or 40 per cent. On the other hand, the number of red corpus-
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combination, recommended by Hardaway, I have found useful :
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associated with, the ordinary type of acute sero-fibrinous pleurisy. The
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the attacks occurs in hematoma, and, as already stated, the repeated
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sources of these infections in order of importance: 1, Gonorrhea;
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When the nerve is involved between the intumescentia gangliformis and
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perforation is often (juite large, and is located in the posterior wall of
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ful pathology. In some of the cases after recovery from the acute
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Reported to have been one of the best sellers produced by this com-
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inflammation resulting in tubo-ovarian abscess with adhesions and
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Dr. LeVerne Holmes, B. U. S. M., class of 1904, has removed from
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of arsenic "to improve the complexion and brilliancy of the eye."

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