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considerable number of cases remain for which none of the

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hardly passed a night free from four or five attacks of cramp which

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more than half of all the fresh water on the globe. Lakes Huron and Michi-

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first, this terrible affection was combated with general bleeding, leeches, &c.;

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the introduction of any non-metallic body into the wound. And

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fever, although he compares the several methods proposed relatively only to

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as a case of waxy liver, spleen, and kidneys, since 1859. He has

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in not a few cases, the territory occupied is that of the body of a

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^ For a full account of the branchial or visceral fissores and arches, and the part

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both of which places it was widely spread. Nearly one half of

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what unnecessary to give such a detailed account of the sublimation of

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thirst. He complains of a good deal of pain about the ulcer, the integuments

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Guarded as are the observations on this subject in all the works on toxicology

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cates an arterial lesion which occupies a place between the erectile

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ideal breeding place in the alimentary canal. When we

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and is not, as many think, constituted by a new and distinct

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was distinguished by its usual physical signs. In some cases, these existed

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trasted with the year ending February, 1866, occurred, no

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Whether the district suffered in 1854-55, when the city of Nejed in Central

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in individuals of both sexes, but attacks females more frequently than males; it

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phobias, especially the fear of insanity. Emotional dis-

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pressions from their severally appropriate objects, as such

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of light from any object to fall on identical spots on the retina, even when the

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quickly lost by the accumulation of blood in the surrounding vessels compress-

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the blood of a particular individual, and we feel certain

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more be trusted in that respect than can the epileptic be

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"The submuscular fascia, like the conjunctival, passes also from one muscle

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toxication in babies in extreme summer weather. It is

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muscles be turned forwards towards their insertions, not dissected as if with a

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rect in ascribing this result to the fact that the poison was taken on a full stomach

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themselves acquainted with the subject, it would perhaps prove

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with a sense of stricture over the eyes, and soreness of integuments; at

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Upon the first point, he adduces the fact that the admissions in the first three

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his very interestiog, practical, and clearly-written treatise with

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especially over the cerebellum; brain much congested; its ventri-

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home treatment for these conditions. There is one great

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a considerable time in water, in which, if the process be contained for twelve

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1>urged, and santonine was twice given in hopes of evacuating any

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Art. XIV. — ^ Practical Essay on some of the principal Surgical Diseases of

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