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Eurpose, as pigments), and substances that are inherently harmful. The
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methods already suggested will usually succeed in warding it off.
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ress may be spontaneously^ arrested at any time. Under appropriate
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Such a view must be absolutely rejected, for it is altogether insufii-
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to the just admiration of his fellow citizens the only
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in which a damaged kidney leads one to be cautious lest the disease be
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staphylococci in the middle ear or in an ancient osteomyelitis — may lead
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The majority of patients of this type are of the female sex : young
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of. the land for the walking and climbing exercises. These " health
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point suggest the thought that we may not always have to deal with
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are especially admirable at Bath, and here there is a large sup-
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in fat than the male figure, which is more muscular and has a more
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unusually large proportion, since the percentage of sucli calculi
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late in the course of the primary disease is not peculiar to this acute infectious
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Sometimes the kidneys become more or less disabled and dropsy
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quick pulse, the tongue white and much furred. On the next day
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tion which contains a blood vessel that supplies nutrition. Each
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an unusual manner as if supplied with an extra joint. This increased
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function of an organ after the description of its ana-
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time showed that it contained sugar. In this case, as so often hap-
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after reading these interesting lectures, that gout seems to consist in
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surface of the body is burned or involved in the injury the ease is
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been vice president of the College of Physicians and
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muscle tissue being in such cases much below the normal.
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cjedema becomes hard, and the pains grow so violent that the patient
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Garrod has informed us of the very significant fact that the
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The Countenance. — The first thing we naturally notice about a
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it be, provided that enough tubules be left to enable us to see the change.
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tion of function is evident in erery organ of the bod^. But this is
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In England the arrangements for carrying out the Aix treatment
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Hemiansesthesia has occasionally been observed in association with hemi-
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usually very troublesome in consumption and other wasting diseases.
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In all cases the diet should be regulated and the course of life made
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the other are beyond question, and when independent morbid condi-
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cases of emergency and in some diseases which depress the vitality
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few practitioners who have reported themselves as disappointed in
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jured eye is likely to result from sympathetic ophthalmia.
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ally in these cases it can be ascertained that the patient had suffered
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air becomes more and more rarefied and nature requires an increased
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rule (see the section on Milk-cure, below) , and as the body derives
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