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colation of tinctures, syrups, extracts, and other fluids, and to com-

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country, and the medical man who finds himself there with a few

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or of the means to ensure their administration ? There are, it is true,

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emaciation after death twenty days afterwards, was syphilis the cause

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which a distinct description of the disease was given, by Brontius, a

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an entirely darkened chamber, placing the diaphragm 8" (the distance

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consequences which reasonably flow from them, the Commission thinks


curing diseases, so the question may be simply reduced to that of

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sures were prescribed, and that the average of deaths was 1-4: per

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below the septum of the bladder, mentioned above, three openings,

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Praclical Therapeutics, considered chiefly luith reference to Articles of

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with instructions to report to the Society at its present session by

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and wherein every case on landing shall undergo inspection, washing,

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order," the " order " being frequently based upon some fanciful idea

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sary to admit that changes take place in the animal system which

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The number of deaths for 1864 was 28,723 against 23,596 as the

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2d. On lowering the flame of the lamp, a slight increase in the field

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Photographing upon Silk. — A process has been devised at Lyons, the

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during those years. Other countries were also visited by the scourge,

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being employed much of her time in sewing- at a place some distance

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and continue to teach ns. Another of wonder that lie has gotten

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is really generated de novo by the matter of the drains and sewers,

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Elsberg, of New York : — Color of the mucous membrane of the turbi-

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where ; never has had any. Complains of great weakness, which is

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after him, by participating in lecture programs at those hospitals

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information regarding the habits of the disease. From our very first

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