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bitter taste, which is obtained from the bark of the willow or poplar,

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special causes and powers suited to his existence and preservation,

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tained. Brandy and soda water by the mouth. At 10|, A.M., dozing,

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the month of September it assumed the apf)earance of jaundice, ac-

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was an institution much needed, and were it generally in so effective

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The youth lived to be 17, died of phthisis, and no inducement

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Journals and Pamphlets Received. — Medical Record, Nos. 20 and 21. — Medical and

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knowledge of this disease in the theory of its portability. Even in

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singly, $2 apiece. Vols. X., XL, XII., XIII. and XIV., at $2 apiece.

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the learner, but for the teacher ; and how vastly greater would be the

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bility of the system is one of the most formidable of the obstacles,

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of congestion, and the patient, after lying for three days in a par-

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Here then we have a case extraordinary in various respects, ex-

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the flames. He leaves a numerous family of sons, daughters, and

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ing down Detroit river to Lake Erie, and returning north to some dis-

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to be capable of false practices in the law, or of a company organized

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lution of nitrogen under the influence of a flesh diet, even with no

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rative, who experienced the horrors of syphilitic inoculation, through

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days after the expulsion of the placenta. Dr. Collins states that

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The effect seemed to be naturally enough explained by the cause al-

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Before and during this epidemic, it was noticed that in other dis-

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Dr. Wood says of pertussis, " The period of incubation is from two

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asylum for the insane. In 1756 a larger and better building was

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'14 in Natchez and Eastern Mississippi. In the winter of 1814 he

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business, to take the place of the varied and cumbersome terms now

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Ave. mortality of corresponding weeks for ten years, 1856 — 1866

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of water — and the latter by simple infusion in boiling water. Two

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should lead to a more thorough consideration of the subjects discuss-

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vere with your work^ ' She answers, ' No.' '■ On exertion you get

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the most useful of the numerous treatises on the subject. No phy-

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authorized in saying, non de minimis curat prceior.

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less perfect methods have been adopted for the purpose. The more

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Some of these disadvantages have been obviated (at least for the

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