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no extension worthy the name. At that time the wounds were granu-
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separated forever, and the heart of the host is divided between his
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for some time past, has been brought to us, at least according to all
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and this by hands as skillful as those of any other. In its general
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[Read before the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, and communicated for tlie Boston Medical
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and if they were correct, it would be necessary to admit that what
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the more urgent duties of the profession, will gladly avail himself of
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him and laughed at the idea of there being aneurism, and advised
but the terms for liquid measure, both Wine and Imperial, are likewise
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the day was cold and threatening a storm. In the evening she was
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or the island of Borneo, countries which chiefly supply us with that
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which was not relieved by bending forward, but rather by throwing
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field Jone«, M.B., &c. &c., Physician to St. Mary's Hospital. Pliiladelphia : Henry C. Lea.
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risprudence, to be filled if possible by teachers who have studied both law and
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the specific virtue of the walze remedy against scab is established,
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tions of diseases which take up so much room in the chapter on Elec-
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A meeting of the Medical Profession will be held at the Common
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circumstances it will be seen, the supply of air is entirely inadequate
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clusive in favor of the view expressed by Mayer. Messrs. Fick and
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in deglutition ; but milk and soups were taken in small quantities
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among its principal founders and to have given to it the high reputa-
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1854, cholera much less fatal ; in the Southwark field, impure water
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has ever been issued. It gives the results of the mature deliberations
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there drips from them continually a clear fiuid, which stifiens like
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pressure over the affected nerves aggravates the pain, the galvanic'
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ing to Boston, by which members of the Society will be permitted to
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ending August 31st, there were about 450 deaths. On the 1st inst.,
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stance is in due time eliminated, after a sojourn of from a few weeks
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We must not lose too much time in these efforts. Cooper says
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regards the conjunctival flap as a strong safeguard against suppura-
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great muscular activity than during comparative quiescence.
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were jjurple streaks and blotches. The duration was from seven
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