Who is Better Great Khali Vs Under Taker


Who is Better Great Khali VS Under Taker Pool Compition

Great Khali and Under Taker competition Pool Who is better Under Taker Or Great Khali?
Great Khali Real Name Dalip Singh Started His Carrier in Japan 2001.IN July 2002 19_Japan Pro Wrestling  : Manabu Nakanihshi Defeat Gaint Singh (Great Khali). Great
Then 2006  Great Khali Start his Carrier April Smack Down and debuted attack on under taker when under taker was fighting with Mark Henry.
Great Khali Defeat Under Taker 21 May  at judgment day and start his Carrier .

July 23 Dead Man Defeat Great Khali After Very Interesting Match.
2007 Khali Front Of Under Taker Royal Rumbel Compition

January 28 Royal Rumble Great Khali entered at 28 Number Eliminate by under Taker After a great and Historical Fighting.

April 1 2007 wrestler Manida 23 at the Ford Stadium The Great Khali Defeat Khane by Pnifaal after Hitting with double-handed.
May 20 Jhon Cena defeats great Khali in the WWE Championship.

Under Taker Vs Great Khali Compition.

Under Taker Famous in Ring Dead Man Check This Link For Detail in Under Taker Profile Click Here.
Under Taker Defeat Many Time Great Khali But after a good fight.2007 Royal Rumbel  Match Under Taker Win And beat Great Khali at #28.
Under Taker Taker Prime Time 1990 To 2003 when his stamina and speed strong but Great Kahli Prime Time Now .So that time its difficult to examine which one is best so Let Pool For This and See Who win.
WWE Wrestling POOL Under Taker Vs Great Khali.


Who is Better Great Khali Vs Under Taker
Khali vs undertaker by Wrestlingvid

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