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the vegetant excrescences, and in the rarer forms, the cancerous

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was at work upon a staging, when he fell, and came to the ground,

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the year since the outbreak of this disease, 248,965 cases have been

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interior nares may share in similarity. Experience shows this to be

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of four children. The parents pre healthy. One brother died from

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proportion of those from diseases of the brain was nearly three

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and right shoulder. This yielded to anodyne applications, hypoder-

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into my office an entire stranger to me, and introduced himself as Dr.

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The Liquor lodinii Comp., diluted with from four to ten parts of

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in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, daring the spring.

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On motion of Dr. H. G. Clark, it was voted that the remarks make by Dr.

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chievous, unless, indeed, there are special circumstances in the indi-


fore unheard of at P.C.O. This was the year when the Coun-

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It is worthy of notice, however, that in many cases where seeming-

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that the cicatrix would create a disability greater than that of the

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return of it after the cure seems complete. Should this take place,

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lished by the " New Sydenham Society." lie cited many useful ad-

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in her room, but sat alone until midday, enveloped in a shawl, although

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was found to contain already more or less membranous exudation.

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advertising of quack medicines. At present, as is well known, the

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are identical, or most nearly so, in composition, are those in exactly

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veillance between sixteen and seventeen months ; during the first part

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graph, but which are full of practical bints and suggestions, and in

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Lungs tedematous and congested ; but little effusion in pleura. Scalp-

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duct has been secured by a ligature, in order to prevent any bile

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2. In simple fractures, with symptoms of compression, or in any

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there is a variable period of incubation in most infectious diseases,

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excellent management, and the superintendent is rewarded by the

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