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portant respects, it must necessarily be a fact of a high order, and

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about the same consequences— namely, cerebral fatigue and ex-

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native born, and all the rest, except 15, were born in Ireland.

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asthma, when the result of emph^'sema and pulmonary catarrh ; in

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which he had laid before the Legislature, and this body in its profound

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ry progress in the former, in tliat country alone is medical education

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t From Transactions ol" Illinois St^itc Medical Society, ISGl.

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his house, and found his wife in the wildest delirium. She was run-

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mislead us. These are fatty and glandular tumors, and cysts. They

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was unfortunately lost. The left ovary was closely attached to the

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of Asiatic cholera, which had been sent ashore to be washed. In this

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preventing children from acquiring the habit of using tobacco in

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may be developed,— paleness, anorexia, palpitation, syncope, &c.

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two years past, and it was terrible from beginning to end, she having

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passed in truthfulness and artistic execution. They have sometimes

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M. Kollet considers as determining causes — cooling after having

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aft'ected. In this category is, moreover, to be classed the afl'ection to which I

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group of ten students. The Caduceus chapter now aver-

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line, and often closely resembling the eruption of measles. At first

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sequently favor the intensity of epidemics, are : misery, with all

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this Institution, as announced in the St. Louis Medical Reporter, we

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organ, and in another person some other organ may be first affected ;

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generation. It was found that the families comprising the first gene-

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preventing and'far more so in curing relapses than arsenic.

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Scarijication of the sac has been done in older and more recent

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dorizing and disinfecting properties of charcoal ; its power to absorb

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pneumonic form was most frequently seen were true typhus, less fre-

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chapter on the controvers}^ between the author and Dr. Sayre, as to

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