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teacher's report as to mental ability was added. After thus inspecting

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made, indeed, the subject of very special study, their structural diseases

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irregular; the accentuation or quantity of vocal and articulate sound

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production of thrombosis and blocking of the vessels, and thus imitate

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as exemplified by the local result of a nettle-sting {nettlerash), are circum-

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which causes the scales to adhere closely. This process has been called

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will reveal, however, that it is not of the nature of an eczema, but rather

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out the reason of the detestation in which it is held.

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of the brain, and requires no further description. Tumours are chiefly

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doute, dipsomania, kleptomania, etc.) ; (ii.) with delusions of rudimentary

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peratures, produce burns in their various degrees. These are now gener-

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in my hand. This fixes his eyes. Looking at the head and the individual

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kept clearly in view when dealing with incipient or early cases of insanity,

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configuration vary. I have seen a case with under a dozen macules.

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(Crocker). Fereol has published a case in which neither the sweat nor

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Dilatation of the stomach, if definitely present, would take the case,

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and quite recently M'Veil, Murray, and Atkinson (Glasgow Hospital

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a factor, called the activity coefficient, and the product

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the Buchner filter is for filtration of precipitated re-

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Alcohol has been regarded by some as a cause of tetany, and Wick

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diagnosis may be obtained by a careful search into the causes ; such as

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epidermis, so that a general raw, red, weeping surface is produced. This

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individual fingers, watching to see that the child's eyes are fixed o,n your

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ix. and x. 1896-1898.— 3. Unna. "Histo-path. of Skin Diseas2E," pp. 20. 110, 1015.

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that under various methods of culture these organisms are capable of

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the reach even of the microscope : so at least it would seem ; the latest

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by forgoing immediate indulgence, the power of self-control is denied to

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fibrous reticulum; giant cells may sometimes be seen, and tubercle bacilli

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ance must always be made for this and that. So with games and sports,

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consists in the use of parasiticides, such as iodine or sulphur. For a

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" really a pilo-sebaceous hidradenoma " ; but this view is not borne out by

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them only if they can be used by a considerable group of labora-

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before death. The abdomen is large, distended, and containing in its

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one of the important causes of consumption, exist together; and these

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